Meet the Created Living Team

What's unique about Created Living is that each client has a team of specialists collaborating to holistically evaluate and support them. We believe that integration of all facets of a person is key to creating a whole and happy life.



Life Balance Coach

Weihaur has over 15 years of health and human empowerment experience that includes counseling, life and leadership performance coaching, yoga, nutrition cleansing, mindfulness training and health management. He has successfully empowered people with chronic physical pains, HIV, stroke and stress to recover from severe conditions to optimum vital health. Growing up learning the healing power of both Western and Eastern medicine, Weihaur believes that integrating your health and life is the best prevention. He is committed to working with leaders to discover and integrate their health and life vision. He is currently in the process of earning his doctorate degree in Integrative Medicine of Western and Eastern practices. He has over 10 years of experience in transformational work and coaching through Landmark Worldwide, Buddhism and yogic principles.

Weihaur’s guidance helped me to find the treatment and care for my fibromyalgia symptoms – we decided to focus on homeopathy, acupuncture, nutrition and lifestyle. I strongly believe that looking at my health in an integrated fashion is the wave of the future – and Weihaur is that future.
— Client


Emotional Wellbeing Coach, Reiki

Joanne works with clients seeking emotional balance and spiritual growth to improve their quality and fulfillment of life. She provides a Holistic approach to self-care, awareness, and empowerment through Usui (traditional Japanese) Reiki and coaching. Joanne’s journey began when she had a successful career but found herself dissatisfied and struggling with interpersonal issues. Through Reiki, she experienced deep healing and decided to cultivate the practice. She now has over 10 years of medical experience and over 5 years in personal development coaching.  She believe that when we have a strong awareness of "self" along with holistic health self-care practices we can begin to heal our bodies from the inside and out.

Joanne gave me a new access to my emotions—a great complement to my analytical strengths. The skills I learned from Joanne have given me great power in addressing tough situations and conversations. It’s opened up the world in connecting with people. In our work together, Joanne has shown dedication to ensure that I’m ‘getting it’. Joanne balances a fun, informal style with a strong stand for your success
— Client


Somatic Coach + YOGA, Sex, Intimacy

Valerie guides men, women, and couples around the world to develop their mind-body connection, with a specialty in sex and sexuality. She utilizes somatic based exercises, trauma mapping, physical and energy-related bodywork, movement principles, and coaching techniques. Valerie’s passion is in guiding people to develop a deep level of self-love and fulfillment, allowing them to fall in love with themselves, balance their male and female energies, reconnect with their bodies, and tap into their bodies' innate intelligence and untapped physical pleasure. Valerie carries certifications as Somatic Sex Coach and Sexological Bodyworker through the Institute of Advanced Studies of Human Sexuality, 250-hour yoga teacher with Barefoot Movement, Pre-Post Natal Yoga with Jane Austin, Trauma-informed yoga through The Prison Yoga Project with James Fox, and Reiki through the Jen Rode from the Rode Institute. 

Her compassionate strong intuitive perceptions, along with a wide array of tools for body, mind and spirit, resurrect this area of Self beyond any other methods I have encountered. I recommend her to anyone who wishes to heal, grow and discover a deeper capacity to love.
— Best-Selling Author, Spiritual Coach

Brandon Peele, Ensouled Life

Purpose Coach

Since 2012, Brandon has guided thousands of people from over 50 countries to awaken their purpose and step into creative, passionate, high-impact careers. He’s worked with a broad range of people including entrepreneurs, educators, CEOs, doctors, priests, artists, Dalai Lama Fellows and world-class athletes. Brandon’s passion for purpose work began when he discovered that he was living someone else’s life -- on the outside he was successful with an MBA, a great career and fun social life. Purpose work helped him discover his true source of creativity and passion, unleashing a new career path that is both fulfilling and well paid. Prior to finding his purpose - creating a world of 7.5 billion purpose-driven leaders, he builds teams and led projects for a number of successful social enterprises, start-ups and Fortune 500 Companies, such as Merrill Lynch & Co., Autodesk, Bebo/Aol., Crackle/Sony, Intertainer and SunTechnics.

In 2015, I launched my company, SnapMobile, built a great team, raised a significant round financing, got married and had a child. I love living my life out loud as a husband, father and entrepreneur.  My work with Brandon played a pivotal role in creating a purpose-driven life and career.
— Founder at SnapMobile

Khaleghl Quinn, Ph.D., Vice President

spiritual teacher, composer, qigong master

Khaleghl has empowered thousands of people with her teachings directing people into alignment with their soul’s purpose. In 1991, the World Health Organization in collaboration with members of the United Nations and the World Congress on Traditional and Complimentary Medicine awarded her an M.D.M.A. and Ph.D. for her work on healing and her approach to nurturing the whole person. In 1982, Khaleghl was invited to London to present an eight-part television series on her work entitled Stand Your Ground. Her book of the same title was on the London bestseller list for eight consecutive weeks. Khaleghl has received the UK Kidscape Award for her Anti-Bullying Program, the St. George Cross from the Knights of Malta for her work toward world peace and, recently, the Sui Generis Foundation Award for her approach to meditation and healing. Currently she has produced a CD, A World Peace Symphonic Odyssey and a sound healing meditation entitled, SoulScape.

One of the greatest exponents of East meets West, Khaleghl creates forums for human flowering.
— Client

Amy Cheifetz, MSW

Focus & Neurology Coach

Amy works with people with who have been diagnosed with ADHD or struggle with ADHD like symptoms. She works collaboratively with clients to discover the sweet spot that activates and engages their unique nervous system. The ADHD nervous system doesn’t perform like 90% of the rest of humanity, it needs high interest, challenge, novelty, competition, urgency or passion to stay engaged. She nurtures strengths while acknowledging struggles with brain chemistry, neurological differences, and personal trauma. She uses therapeutic learning techniques to improve executive function, manage overwhelm, and find solutions to life long challenges.

My son has a cognitive behavioral disability, and the ways he sees others and interprets the world often lead to negative results. He has been bullied by his peers, mistreated by his teachers, and misdiagnosed by “professionals” in the psychotherapy field. Amy is the only one who truly “gets” him and is willing and able to deal with him at his own level, with respect and kindness. She is knowledgeable, empathetic, and kind; and I think she’s wonderful!
— Beverly, Community Activist, Writer, Editor

Rado Randriamamonjy, Director of Operations

Feng shui Coach

Rado has been practicing Feng Shui for the last 15 years. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice based on the ideas of yin, yang and chi energy. It is the art of arranging buildings, objects, and space in the environment in order to achieve energy, harmony, and balance. Feng Shui has gained popularity in the West in recent years for it’s potential to promote health, prosperity, creativity, positive social relationships, self-confidence, contemplation, and respect for others, by the conscious design and arrangement of one’s home and work environment. He practices Feng Shui in the Bay Area, and consults locally as well as  remotely.

Rado was so helpful! He saw my place with an objective eye, telling me where to remove clutter that was stagnating the Chi, and how to remedy problem areas. He taught me how to set clear, written intentions to bring forth the changes that I was looking for. His strong interpersonal skills make him easy to work with, someone you can immediately trust with personal goals and problems. Working with Rado has helped me clarify my intentions, make progress towards accomplishing them, and feel confident that I can achieve all the gains I want to make via beneficial changes to the energy around me. Thank you!
— Maria W. Homeowner