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We all have an innate brilliance that's authentic and unique to ourselves -- the healthy and powerful leader we truly are. This brilliance is dulled over time by coping mechanisms we've developed to survive societal pressures, our upbringing, and other life experiences. While useful in the moment, these mechanisms outlive their benefit and block you from seeing and accessing your authentic self. Created Living works with you to uncover your coping mechanisms and the behavioral and emotional loops they've caused in your life.

Created Living guides you to create a new you, one of your own choosing rather than the result of circumstances and decisions of the past. We then work with you to embody and live into your new self, producing breakthroughs in your leadership, relationships, career, communication, health and more.


They bring you to the source and you will find yourself naturally evolving into your goals. In just three months I lost 25 pounds, my eating and exercising habits have transformed, and I actually lost all “hope” that I will accomplish my goals because I know that I am no longer the person I was.
There’s so much to tell you and here’s a quick summary of things that have changed and manifested. I started taking swimming lessons, I bought a gym membership with access to a trainer. No more drinking and I am a vegan now who generally cooks twice a day. I lost 15 lbs since I started and my wife and I have gotten closer.
Weihaur is a loving and intuitive soul - his guidance helped me to find the treatment and care for my fibromyalgia symptoms - we looked at my health in 360 degrees and together decided to focus on homeopathy, acupuncture, nutrition and lifestyle. I strongly believe that looking at my health in an integrated fashion is the wave of the future - and Created Living is that future.
Working with Weihaur is a great experience. He guides you through a multi-pronged approach to wellness specifically tailored for your needs. He sets the pace so you can make progress in a comfortable way without having to be too rigid. I really appreciated Weihaur’s flexibility and reliability, and would definitely work with him again in the future.

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Wellness Programs

We offer 3 programs crafted over time to successfully deliver breakthrough results in your mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. From time to time, we also offer workshops aimed at addressing special topics. If you're not seeing what you're looking for, feel free to reach out and we can explore ways to give you the best service for your specific needs.



Be coached and guided to assess where you are in your 8 Pillars of Balance. Reset and create an opening to a new awareness of your total connected self. 



Design and live a new you, created from a space of possibility and authenticity. Break old habits and coping loops. Integrate new patterns that leave you alive and fulfilled.


Create a new world where you shine freely from the inside-out, being authentic across your mind, body, true self. Have the lifestyle you deserve to live in the body you love.


Our team of coaches all collaborating on you for the most integrated experience of your life!


Created Living

Weihaur’s guidance helped me to find the treatment and care for my fibromyalgia symptoms – we decided to focus on homeopathy, acupuncture, nutrition and lifestyle. I strongly believe that looking at my health in an integrated fashion is the wave of the future – and Weihaur is that future.
— Client

Weihaur Lau, Founder

Life Balance Coach

Weihaur has over 15 years of health and human empowerment experience that includes counseling, life and leadership performance coaching, yoga, nutrition cleansing, mindfulness training and health management. He has successfully empowered people with chronic physical pains, HIV, stroke and stress to recover from severe conditions to optimum vital health. Growing up learning the healing power of both Western and Eastern medicine, Weihaur believes that integrating your health and life is the best prevention. He is committed to working with leaders to discover and integrate their health and life vision. He is currently in the process of earning his doctorate degree in Integrative Medicine of Western and Eastern practices. He has over 10 years of experience in transformational work and coaching through Landmark Worldwide, Buddhism and yogic principles.


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The 8 Pillars of Health

A balanced lifestyle system for optimum health & well-being by Created Living

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